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Exams Testing Center

Our testing Department, Royal Health Institute, provides the following services to the testing public.

Paper-Based Testing.
Candidates who have registered to take paper based tests are required to bring to our test locations at least two sharpened no.2 pencils, a blue or black-ink ballpoint pen when candidates are taking essay, and an admission ticket, which shows that candidates are duly registered to take test. Candidates are also to bring proper identification.

Computer-Based testing
For all computer based tests, candidate must bring proper identification and admission tickets. Candidates are required to register as early as possible from the date they intend to take their tests as admission is on first come first serve basis. However, candidates could register to take test at any time year round at any of our locations.
If candidate took a test with a performance component, candidate will receive proof of testing that documents completion of test. Also, unofficial pass/fail status will be available immediately for most tests and the official score for most tests will be mailed within 6 weeks after date of test.

Identification Policy
Irrespective of the type of test the candidate wants to take, candidate must come to our center with proper identifications, without which no candidate shall be admitted to test. Proper form identification for both paper based testing and computer based testing include the following
-Driver License
-State issued identification card
-United States military ID with visible signature
-International passport
Candidates may be asked to produce second form of identification which must be a photo id and or with a visible signature. No candidate will be admitted to test without proper identification. Candidates whose name does not match with that on admission ticket and ids presented shall not be admitted to test. If name on candidate identification is different from the one candidate is registered, candidate must produce official, legal documentation of name change such as marriage certificate, divorce certificate or court ordered name change for verification.

Before Testing
For most internet-based and computer-based testing, candidate, when seated, will take tutorial from most test developers on how to answer questions, moving from one page to other, how to mark and change answers, how to review and submit test, how to review previously answered or skipped questions. If test being taken includes a recorded component or a performance component, candidate will be shown how questions will be presented and how to records response during actual test.

During Testing
Test session is designed to allow sufficient time for sign-in, distribution of materials and communication of directions or instructions and taking the test.
During testing, candidate may take restroom breaks, however, time taking for restroom breaks are considered part of the available testing time. Candidates may not leave testing room/facility for which they have been seated to test for any reason other than permitted restroom breaks, until they have been officially dismissed by test administrator. Candidate may not communicate with other examinees or any unauthorized person directly or through usage of communication gadgets. Candidates shall be monitored throughout test session and may be videotaped.

After Testing
Candidates who took paper-based testing must stopped when time is called off by test administrator at the end of test session. For computer based test, session will automatically called off when test session has ended. Candidates must submit all provided test materials and upon dismissal must leave the test facility. Only candidates who are scheduled to take another test at another session may return at the appropriate time.

Joint Commission Accredited Center for Medicare
& Medicaid Certified
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